UGC Projects

Sl.No Name of the Principal Investigator Project Details Execuitve Summary
1 Dr.N.Annalakshmi,
Dept. of Psychology.
Fostering Academic Resilience Among Rural Low Socio Economic College Students.
2 Dr.K.Malarmathi,
Associate Professor,
Bharathiar School of Management and Entrepreneur Development.
Capacity Building and Skill Development of Tribal People in Nilgiris District of Tamilnadu.
3 Dr.M.Balasubramaniam,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Physics.
A Study of heavy ion collisions in the heavy and superheavy mass region and the related phenomena
4 Dr.R.Muthukrishnan,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Statistics.
Robust Statistics and its applications in Computer Vision
5 Dr. K. Senthilkumar,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Physics.
Quantum Mechanical and Molecular Mechanical studies on the reactions of pollutants in atmosphere and in water
6 Dr. T.Amudha,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Application.
Development of an efficient bio-inspired, agent based algorithmic technique for dynamic task allocation in industrial settings
7 Dr. R.Vadivel,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Information Technology.
A Protocol for Reliable Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc Network's(MANET)
8 Dr.S.P.Rajendran,
Department of Chemistry.
Synthetic and Biological Studies of naphthyridine alkaloid analogues and fused naphthyridines
9 Dr. V.Bhuvaneswari,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Applications.
Design and Development of efficient data cleaning Algorithm for biological databases