>> Fee Structure - M.A. English

All payments to the School of Distance Education should be made only by means of a crossed MICR Demand Draft accompanied by the appropriately filled in fee remittance form. The enclosed fee remittance form may be duplicated for further use. The enrollment number and the name of the student should be written on the reverse side of the Demand Draft to ensure proper accounting in his/her name. Fees once paid will not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances. If the fee is paid after the due date a penal fee of Rs.100/- has to be paid along with the course fee.

Below fees structure is not applicable for Abroad and Technical collaborator Centers.

Fee Structure for Academic Year 2012-13 onwards

Name of the Courses Year Mode of Payment Total

Other Univ.
Other Univ. Women
M.A. English I
6490 4915 5365 6040
I INST 4440 3465 3915 4215
II INST 2250 1650 1650 2025
II FULL 5770 4645 4645 5320
I INST 3720 3195 3195 3495
II INST 2250 1650 1650 2025

Students from states other than Tamilnadu,Kerala,Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and the Union Territory of Puducherry have to pay an additional amount of Rs.500/- towards Postal and Handling charges to be paid with first installment fee or full fees.


  • BU -> Graduates of Bharathiar University
  • OU -> Graduates of Other Universities other than Bharathiar University
  • OU(C) ->Graduates of Universities other than Bharathiar University with Concession
  • TN H.Sc -> Those candidates who completed their +2 in Tamilnadu
  • Other H.Sc./ Diploma -> Those candidates who completed their +2 / H.Sc from states other than Tamilnadu
  • FULL -> Full Fee + Other Fee in Full
  • Payment of Fee -> The course fee may be paid in full or in two installments. if course fee is paid in two installments, the following formula shall be adopted: I Installment = 50 % of Tuition Fee + 100 % of other fees + Rs.200/- towards installment fee. II Installment = 50 % of tuition fee alone.