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MLIS – Master of Library and Information Science

This course is designed to impart employable skills at the same time concentrating on the perceptual and conceptual abilities.

The Students are trained by the faculty members and external experts in the newer technologies like Digital Libraries, Institutional Repositories, Content Management systems, Knowledge Management, E-Learning and Web Technologies etc., with practical relevance to meet the current needs of the information industry and libraries. The Department is arranging suitable placement facilities for the students in various libraries/Information Industries. These Programmes with updated curriculum in meeting present needs of government, academic, corporate libraries and information industries to ensure the cent present employability. Our degree programmes provide a solid foundation in core and emerging areas of Library and Information Science and trains students to become independent researchers.

M.PHIL AND PH.D (Full time and Part time)

Areas of Specialization in Digital Libraries, Application of ICT in Library Services, Bibliometrics Scientometrics, Knowledge Management.