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Welcome to the webpage of Department of Nanoscience and Technology of Bharathiar University. This website is designed to give you an introduction to our courses and our research activities. We pride ourselves as one of the internationally recognized leading departments for the quality of teaching and research and we hope that you will enjoy learning a little bit more about us.

The Department of Nanoscience and Technology was formed in 2007 and runs as one of the popular nanoscience and technology departments among other institutes across the country. The department has an international research reputation, with a many research contacts across the globe. The Department has highly active and vibrant faculty members committed to impart high quality research standards in basic and applied areas of nanoscience and also trains students to become competent and motivated researchers.

The research interests of the faculty members cover the preparation of inorganic, organic and polymer based nanostructures and thin films with diverse techniques and study their performances in sensors, energy storage and conversion devices, magnetic storage, environmental remediation and monitoring, bone, dental, antibacterial and various other biomedical applications.

The courses are designed and taught by our internationally reputed academics carrying out cutting-edge materials research. Many practical are introduced from research topics and the projects that were offered for 4th semester students involve them working alongside academics in the department’s advanced research laboratories. Our courses are created in such a way that they are interdisciplinary in nature, so one can tailor their degree to their interests.

We have 6 faculty, 2 guest faculty and 1 UGC-BSR Faculty Fellow running one M.Sc. and one PG Diploma along with M. Phil. and Ph.D. programmes. The department has received more than Rs.5 Crores worth sponsored research projects since its inception. The department has state-of-the-art research laboratories for materials research.

The Department organizes national and international conferences from time to time. The research activity in the department is well recognized by DST, DRDO, DAE, ICMR, UGC etc. and a number of research projects funded by these agencies are always in progress in the department. The department has received funds from DST-Government of India under the FIST program and UGC through its Special Assistance Programme.

Thrust areas of research

  • Nanostructured materials for gas and biosensing, magnetic and biomedical applications.
  • Thin films for gas sensing, opto-electronic, magnetic and solar cell applications.
  • Nanocomposites for bone, dental and anti-bacterial applications.
  • Magnetic nanoparticles for MRI contrast agents and magnetic hyperthermia
  • Polymer nanocomposites for biosensors and drug delivery
  • Energy storage devices

Contact Us

Prof. Dr N. Ponpandian
Professor and Head,
Department of Nanoscience and Technology,
Bharathiar University,
Coimbatore – 641 046.

Phone: +91 -422- 2428421