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The department of physical education was established in 1982. Ever since its inception it has been conducting many Inter - University, Inter - Collegiate and Open Tournaments in the field of sports and participating in the All India Inter University tournaments.

The department coordinates the game and sports activities of the affiliated colleges and provides opportunities for the students to demonstrate their competence in inter- collegiate sports meets. The department is also responsible for the selection of the university teams to participate in the All India Inter - University tournaments.

The department of physical education began its post graduate programmes M.P.Ed., / M.Phil., / Ph.D in the academic year 2002 - 03. Our B.P.Ed., and M.P.Ed., programmes have been recognized by NCTE with current methodology of curriculum.

The vision of the department is to shape the students in to skillful, emotionally adjusted individuals integrated with skills, studies and research activities be at institution or in the community in which he/she lives which would in turn help in the all round development of a teaching personality.

Every student of department of physical education has the opportunity to be in touch with the latest information with regard to techniques, rules and interpretations of various games through modern teaching aids. As an exemplary department of learning physical education and sports the department admits students entirely on the basis of merit in sports and academics. The admission policy encourages students from all stages of our country.

The department is equipped with laboratory facilities to conduct various physical and motor fitness tests, cardio - pulmonary test, body composition, attitude and aptitude tests. Also our department has facilities for games like volleyball, football, cricket, basketball.


  • To equip students to be suitable for employment in any part of the Globe.
  • To impart Practical and research based quality education.
  • To instill in students a desire and necessary confidence to become entrepreneurs in their chosen field of achievement.
  • 100% pass in every subject by proactive mentoring of weak students.
  • At least 75% class average marks in every subject ensuring through performance in unit tests and other forms of feedbacks from students.
  • To produce more ranks within the first 20 at the university level by mentoring the academically strong students.
  • To encourage the staffs and students to publish more Scientific papers.
  • 80% placement through campus selection
  • At least five teachers every year should be deputed for attending short term courses

Emerging areas identified for future project

  • Modernized methods for high level performance of elite athletes.
  • Evolving psycho - physic management techniques for sports performers.
  • Indentifying young talents from rural, urban, tribal, costal areas people to create new sports generations.

Research output

  • Constructed standardized skill test for handball players.
  • Constructed physical fitness norms for college students.
  • Evolved management techniques to control obesity.
  • Evolved stress reduction technique for elite athletes.
  • Evolved the status of fitness and skill performance of University level handball and basketball players.

Funded project

Dr. A. Puhparajan, Professor and Director (Retired) has been sanctioned a major funded project entitled "Effect of Obstacle course Aerobic training and cardiac circuit aerobic training on coronary heart disease risk factors and health related fitness components of young adult men".

Dr. K. Murugavel, Professor and Director has been applied for a major funded project entitled Geographical based analysis on factors (Topography, morphological, heamatogical, Physical, physiological, psychological and sociological) predicting and determining. The performance of boys in track and field events - A case study of tribal area.

Student project

The students of / M.P.Ed., / M/Phil programmes are required to do a dissertation during the final semester. The projects which generate solutions for some of the real problems faced by athletes and non - athletes and need of sports professionals.

Department activities

  • The department organizing seminars in national and international in emerging areas like sports medicine, sports training sports physiology and psychology.
  • Conducting workshops on physical fitness, yoga education, and defensive art, mechanism of officiating and health and wellness.
  • Organizing rural sports and games for non - school youths of Coimbatore districts.
  • Organizing leadership training camp for 1 week for the B.P.Ed., degree students.

Extension activities

The Department also offers, extension services, which include conducting of sports and games for the teaching and non- teaching staff of our university and helping other educational institutions to organize many Tournaments.


The courses is programmed to provide scope for students with an aptitude for sports and games to gain scientific knowledge and achieve reasonable level of professional competence to work as director of physical education in high schools higher secondary schools, colleges and Universities. It is a highly evolved professional course giving opportunities to work as lectures and specialists in various fields like physical fitness, sports management, sports physiology, sports psychology and yoga etc.

Career prospectus

  • Director of physical education in educational institutions
  • Lecturer in physical education colleges and Universities
  • Physical training instructors in colleges
  • Yoga instructor in educational institutions
  • Fitness leader in Health canters
  • Fitness instructor in fitness canters
  • Exercise therapists in Hospital and health clubs