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MSW course is offered on Choice based Credit system. The students are subjected to concurrent Fieldwork training in all four semesters, summer internship and Block Placement training is extended to students to enhance their social skills and leadership qualities and to acquire hands on experience and knowledge about the field where they are going to serve in the near future.

The primary focus of the department is to build the capacities of young graduates on the threshold of fruitful careers in social work. Every endeavor of the department is designed towards this end. The focus of our efforts has been on a synergy of theory and practice with both components receiving equal importance in moulding the personality of the students.

In the two years during which the student spends in the department a virtual metamorphic change takes place with both learning and unlearning happen simultaneously. Our culture of discipline networking and relationship-focused learning is our strength.


To fine tune the varied leadership skills of the students like communication, presentation, planning, co-ordination, resource mobilization, budgeting, personnel management and evaluation




After successful completion of MSW course the students have career prospects in the Following areas as

  • Executives in Human Resources Department of both private and public sectors and in MNC's
  • Executives in the Labour Enforcement wings of the State and Central Governments
  • Talent acquisition executives in HR consultancies,
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Executives in Corporate
  • NGO Management
  • Counsellors and Field Executives in International and National voluntary agencies
  • Family counselors in Hospitals
Apart from the above mentioned areas students with desire and passion to establish their own NGO's can explore opportunities.

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