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The Department of Statistics, one among 20 academic departments in Bharathiar University, was started during the year 1979 under Post-Graduate Autonomous Centre of University of Madras with M.Phil., and Ph.D., programmes offered in Statistics. At present, the department is a full-fledged research department and offers Post-Graduate programme in Statistics besides M.Phil, and Ph.D., Programmes.

The depart-ment is well equipped for carrying out research in the thrust area, namely, Statistical Quality Control - Acceptance Sampling. The Department has established its identity with the contribution made through publication of plenty of research papers in the journals of repute at both national and international levels and through the submission of standard theses for the award of M.Phil., and Ph.D., degrees in Statistics over past three decades. Many research reports have also been released in the area of specialization.

There are more than 150 research publications in Journals, 80 presentations in national and international conferences and 45 research reports/ mono-graphs released by the Department over these periods. The research outputs are mainly in the field of Acceptance Sampling, which is a major branch of Statistical Quality and Control are considered as tailor-made standards that are much useful in industrial shop – floor situations. Presently faculties are working in the fields of specialization, viz., Design of Experiments, Stochastic Processes, Statistical Inference, Optimization Techniques, Bio-Statistics, Reliability Theory, Statistical Process Control and Actuarial Science.

A post-graduate programme, M.Sc., (Applied Statistics) was started in the academic year 1988-89. In the year 2003-04, the course syllabi were revised and the course title was named as M.Sc., Statistics with Computer Applications. Since its inception, the department has produced 26 Doctoral (Ph.D.,), and 82 M.Phil., degrees besides 150 Post Graduates. Out of these M.Sc., degree, 40 were awarded in Applied Statistics and the remaining in Statistics with Computer Applications. The department extends its support to the post-graduate students of other disciplines through offering elective and supportive courses to them under Choice Based Credit System.

Vision of the Department

It is identified that on the applications of Statistical concepts and tools in industrial problems/ situations, there is a wide gap among academicians, theoreticians and practitioners. With a view to bridge the gap, the department is interested to establish relationship with industries so as to enable the faculty to interact with the industrial mangers and engineers, and apply the concepts of statistics effectively for data relating to industrial environment. The department wishes to host training programmes for industrial managers and engineers on the applications of statistics. The department will organize workshops / conferences / seminars / symposia for the purpose of bringing academicians across the country in a common forum and to disseminate their ideas and experiences in handling statistical data and presenting case studies. The department is willing to offer Post Graduate programme M.Tech., in Quality Control and Reliability for the students having engineering background and also for industry sponsored candidates. The main thrust area of research in this department is Statistical Quality Control, besides other fields such as Design of Experiments, Statistical Inference and Stochastic Processes. The department has a plenty of collections in the form of reprints, back volumes and text books under Quality Control. Hence, the department is planning to submit proposals for establishing a Centre for Excellence in Quality Control Research and Development in this university. The department wishes to enhance its potentials and capabilities to provide good quality education in statistics by acquiring a status of FIST sponsorship from Department of Science and Technology, and SAP by University Grants Commission in the forthcoming years.

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