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Online Payment

Semester/Annual Fees

Note: (Applicable for the student admitted in the University Department)

Pay Semester/Annual Fees

Exam & Exam Section Related Fees

Note: Exam Fees and Other Fees connected to Examination Section excluding the Distance Education Exam fees

Pay Exam & Exam Section Related Fees

Various Fees & General Remittance

Note: All other fees other than semester fees excluding the Part Time Category B

Pay Various Fees


Question 1: My online transaction was not successful, but the amount got debited from my account?

Answer: Please check the transaction status of by clicking the “Download Receipts/Cheque Payment Status” link provided in the menu. If the transaction is still shown as status 'Success' then take the printout of the challan.

Question 2: The amount is debited from my account. But the status is shown 'Failed' or ‘Awaited’ or ‘Aborted’ , How it will be cleared?

Answer: Please clicking the “Recheck” option in Online Transaction History. After this your transaction, status will change to “Success”.

Question 3: My online transaction status is shown as 'Failed' or ‘Awaited’ or ‘Aborted’ even after rechecking what is the remedy?

Answer: Please do not panick. The transaction amount will be refunded by the payment aggregator to the remitter's account within a week.

Question 4: Is there any help-line, contact number or e-mail-ids which I may make use of for knowing my transaction status?

Answer: You have the option to verify the transaction status by clicking the “Download Receipts/Cheque Payment Status” link provided in the menu. If you are still having any query, you may contact the email id is

Question 5: How to check the exact correctness of payment of fees? Is there any support available?

Answer: Please contact the Enquiry Contact Number given in the for any fee related queries and select concerned department / offices.

Question 6: If the fee is wrongly remitted in the University funds, how to get it refunded.

Answer: You may make a request to the Registrar (semester fee etc) and for Controller of Examination and other remittance of fee) along with supportive evidence. Pl. indicate your Bank, Branch Name, Bank Account No, and IFSC and also Mobile No.