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IPR Cell Bharathiar University
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IPR Cell - About Us

IPR Cell Logo Text

Bharathiar University's Intellectual Property Rights Cell (IPR) cell is active in fulfilling its commitment and obligation towards the institute. The prime purpose of its establishment was to spur the productivity of the University in terms of creating intellectual assets through the R&D. The cell, as on date, has filed twenty patents in the field of Medical Physics, Solar cells, Biotechnology, Pharmacology, Textiles, and Electronics. All the field patents have been published and recently two patents were granted.

IPR cell has been the front-runner and sphear-heading in continuously remaining active in the order of creating awareness and sensitizing about the importance of IPR and patent drafting by organizing workshops and training sessions. The University has also organized various seminar and workshops for the benefit of College teachers and research scholars providing a platform for interaction with invited experts from the Indian Patent Office and practicing subject specialist from IPR field. To foster quality creation and easy functioning of the innovation ecosystem, the cell has been engaging in organizing brainstorming sessions with its stake-holders from sections of faculty members and students along with technical experts and legal luminaries in the field of IPR. As an outcome, an IPR Policy document was drafted for efficient and effective governance of the IP Assets of the University.

IPR Cell of Bharathiar University provides a platform for all the researchers, students, and industrialists to interact and discuss various breakthroughs, bottlenecks and recent developments in the area of research with particular relevance to creating, managing and monetization of the IP Assets. It is significant to note that the IPR cell has catered to needs of keeping abreast with the rapidly evolving Intellectual Property legalization across the globe. Even during the unexpected and unprecedent situations of the global crisis owing to the pandemic it has enhanced reach and had conducted teleconferencing and videoconferencing with the researchers, inventors and Entrepreneurs to inspire inventions and foster adaptability even during difficult times. IPR Cell has been continuously reiterating the importance of intellectual property rights and the economy of early stage business and also in established economies in the University scenario.

Prof. Dr. M.Sumathy

 Director, IPR Cell