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Bharathiar University provides accommodation for students who hail away from the Coimbatore city in various hostels established for this purpose. There are 10 hostels, named after poets and family members of Bharathiar. A separate dedicated Research Scholars hostels for men and women functions all through the year unlike summer closures. Similarly an International hostel is there to cater the needs of overseas with elevated facilities other than normal amenities.  Among the rest, five are for women located in South side Residential campus and 4 are for men located in Main campus of North.

Initially those undergraduates and postgraduate students are accommodated from double-occupancy to four/room style accommodation. However in later years where possible they are reduced to triple rooms, which are allotted depending on the hostel in subsequent years. Where necessary students are also provided dormitories with six-bed rooms, subject to availability and preference. Institutional Wi-fi facilities are provided for hostellites and each hostel has an office room with a dedicated Supervisor(s) managing the daily routines of the hostel.

Hostel Facilities:

Most Hostels has a garden and a news paper room which students can access through out the day upto late night. Besides a television halls are kept in common with adequate seating arrangments. The same room serve as meetings place for face-to-face interactions. Students are allowed to celebearate New Year’s Eve besides certain religious festivals.

Name of Hostel
No. of Rooms
Intake Capacity
1 Kambar 102 100

2 Elango 100 210

3 Sekhizhar 96 184

4 Thiruvalluvar 67 199

5 Sports 89 374

Name of Hostel
No. of Rooms
Intake Capacity
1 Periyar 44 129

2 Kannammal 117 336

3 Chellammal 96 188

4 Kasthuribai 65 172

5 Vasuki 58 246

Name of Hostel
No. of Rooms
Intake Capacity
1 International 45 135

Besides Hostels, a centralized dining facility is established at Ladies Hostel premises with an outlay of Rs.1 Crore through RUSA (Phase 1) funding. With modern kitchen, the common dining hall with a seating capacity of 500 students at a time is about to be functional soon for select ladies hostel inmates.


During extra ordinary summer/monsoon seasons,University operates internal campus buses at hourly intervals or session wise which connect hostels to different parts of the campus. Students are permitted to traverse the vast campus on motor cycles, bicycles or on foot. Use of four wheelers by students is not permitted.