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PURSE - About Us

Based on publication output in SCOPUS International database for 10-years period in appreciation of the R &D Contributions, the Department of Science and Technology, has granted Rs.17.25 Crores to Bharathiar University under the PROMOTION OF UNIVERSITY RESEARCH AND SCIENTIFIC EXCELLENCE (PURSE) initiative in the second phase. 

Earlier, Bharathiar University was sanctioned an amount of Rs. 9 Crores in the first phase.

The Major quantum of this grant is utilized to procure the state of the art sophisticated and advanced research instruments/facilities. Besides the equipment, the grant is utilized for manpower training, organizing scientific meetings, and maintenance of the facilities. From the 1st year and 2nd year grant, major equipment like were procured

  • LC-MS/MS; 
  • NMR (400MHz) 
  • DNA sequencer 
  • HR-TEM

From the final grant are to be procured

  • VSM
  • GC-MS 
  • ATCF 
  • Bioreactor 
  • Computer -based EV monitoring. 

Thirty National level seminars/workshops/webinars were organized. 

Further from the grant, campus-wide networking and Wi-Fi facility have been established, for the entire campus including administrative and academic buildings. It caters to the Master's students, research scholars, faculty, and administrative staff members with single login access throughout the campus. Apart from this, a hardware firewall has also been established for safe access. 

An annual maintenance contract was entered for the major equipment procured in the first phase. Thirty DST-PURSE project fellows from all the science departments were supported with a fellowship and further, they were supported with travel bursaries (Registration, travel, and accommodation) to present 

The University has recently created infrastructure facilities (Rs. 4 crores) for housing state-of-the-art sophisticated and advanced instruments and equipment with a sprawling area of 33,00 sq. ft. The above major equipment facilities procured through DST-PURSE (Phase-II) grants are being housed at Central Instrumentation Centre.  A dedicated team of faculty members coordinates the overall establishment of the centre.

As per the mandate and direction of DST, the major equipment procured in the PURSE grant are mapped immediately in the I-STEM portal and the user charges are collected for sustainability. For equipment booking and reservation, as well as payment of user fees, I-STEM portal is used. This mapping facilitates web access to the scientific community with our available resources to various organizations across the country transparently and systematically.