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Hostel Administration

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Hostels are managed overall under the stewardship of Co-ordinating Warden who will serve as nodal person for the entire Hostel Management.  The centralized Co-ordinating Warden office functions at the International Hostel Ground floor premises with an exclusive Full-time Manager and Deputy Manager.

Under these auspices, all hostel functions autonomously with respect to its internal administration. Each hostel has a faculty member as Warden, and a Full-time resident Supervisor to monitor overall maintenance wotj individual office within each hostel. The Hostel routines are assisted by a number of (s)elected mess committee representing several departments hostel which use to attend hostel-related issues on day-to-day basis. Policy decisions, Mess bills and establishment charges would be displayed with the consent of representative of the Mess Committee every month.

A set of maintenance staff managed by the University Engineer attend hostel premises. Mess Secretaries works in conjunction with Warden, Supervisor and mess staff while procuring groceries, vegetable items, toiletries, News papers and other routine subscriptions.

With in a frame work of general rules adopted for all hostels, specific rules are designated by Wardens for each hostels in consultation with the inmatesto abide the same.