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PG Diploma in Career Guidance for Executives

About the Course

The Department of Extension and Career Guidance has been offering courses at various levels in career guidance which include Master and Doctoral degree programs. There is a need to enhance professional competency of faculty members, assessment coaches in training institutions, placement officers in Colleges and Universities and higher secondary teachers in schools, Hence the department has proposed to offer a Post Graduate Diploma in Career Guidance with 46 credits through Executive mode.

Eligibility & Pre-requisite

Working Faculty members, Placement Officers and Trainers / Executives in educational institutions, industries/ NGOs and aptitude coach with any undergraduate degree from the recognized universities are eligible to apply to the program. This is an Online Programme specially for working Executives.

Course Mode

The program will be offered through executive mode for two semesters. The course examination will be held along with the examinations of the other regular programs of the university. The Internal marks of maximum 25 will be based on three assignments and a seminar presentation for each theory paper. The external marks of maximum 75 will be based on the written exam of duration 3 hours similar to any other degree program. For practicum, a record is to be maintained and the final practical exam will be conducted
under external evaluation with 40 for internal and 60 for external. For the Self study paper, the candidate has to submit assignments and they have to write the final exam like other theory papers in the second semester.

Duration and Weightage of the Programme

Total number of credits 46 credits including theory, practical and research dissertation. Minimum period to complete the programme is 1 year (with two semesters under Choice Based Credit System) and maximum period to complete the programme is 2 years.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction is English.

Project work &  Viva Voce

The project thesis is a bonafide work carried out by the candidate under the guidance of a faculty authenticated and countersigned by the HOD. This project work must be presented and defended by the candidate and reviewed by an external examiner during Viva Voce Examination.

Scheme of Examination


Online Admission

Admission Link