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Royal Society of Biology(RSB), UK Fellow Nomination

A faculty member from Department of Botany has been nominated as a fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (RSB), UK – an eminent global body of dedicated researchers in biological sciences.

Prof T Parimelazhagan from the botany department has been recognised for his contribution in the field of biological sciences. He holds four patents, which are of economic significance to the medical ethnicity of the country. His researches have opened new avenues to prove the scientific validation of traditional systems of medicine.

Prof.T.Parimelazhagan is the first fellow of RSB in the biology discipline from Bharathiar University. He was recently honoured with a mid-career award under the UGC faculty research promotion scheme for his research calibre in exploring ethnobotanical knowledge.

Lauding the achievement of Parimelazhagan, BU vice-chancellor Prof.Dr.P. Kaliraj affirmed that many more faculty members of the varsity would soon be accredited like him.