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C & G Section - Registrar Office

Sections - BU
G - Section (G1)

I . Following State Government of Tamilnadu Scholarship:

  1. State Government of Tamilnadu Scholarship  - SC, ST, SCC, BC, MBC & DNC - Online Scholarship.
  2. State Government of Tamilnadu Scholarship -  Higher Educational Special Loan Scholarship for SC, ST & SCC. 
  3. State Government of Tamilnadu Scholarship - Price Money Award fo SC, ST & DNC. 
  4. State Government of Tamilnadu Scholarship – PhD Scholarship for SC, ST. PhD Rs. 50,000/- (Full-Time Candidate only)
  5. Free Education – Scholarship Amount Refund
  6. TEA Board    Scholarship   Application for Educational Stipend – Application forwarding.
  7. Ulavarpathukappu Thittam (உழவர் பாதுகாப்பு திட்டம்),  Kattumana tholil (கட்டுமான தொழில்), Samuga Pathukapputhittam Scholarship – Application Forwarding.

II. Regular Work :

  1. Fees Structure ( All Department)
  2. Demand Draft Refund
  3. TNER – 92 Fee Concession

III. Other State Scholarship : (NRI Students )

  1. CommunityWise Scholarship
  2. Bihar State Scholarship
  3. The Government of the United Kingdom Commonwealth Scholarship  - application forwarding.
  4. Scholarship Program for Diaspora Children (SPDC) sponsored by the Ministry of External Affairs  (MEA)    

IV. UGC Scholarship : (National Portal Scholarship)

  1. University Rank Holder (within a Department)
  2. UGC- PG - Indira  Gandhi Single Girl Child  Scholarship –   application forwarding (within a Department)
  3. The UGC, Digital  India Initiative of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India – Application forwarding.
  4. UGC - Swamivivekanda Single Girls Child Scholarship    – Application Forwarding
  5. Post Graduate Merit Scholarship for University Rank Holders – Application   Forwarding
  6. INSPIRE – Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE) – Application Forwarding.
  7. Central Sector Scholarship Scheme.
  8. Minority Welfare Scholarship for Christian and Islam Candidates only. 
  9. V. Foundation  Scholarship:
  10. Seetharaman Foundation Scholarship – application forwarding (within a  Department).
  11. Sree Daksha Foundation Scholarship.
  12. Pachiappa Foundation Scholarship. 
G - Section (G2)

I.    Fellowships 

  1. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship
  2. UGC-NET
  3. UGC-BSR
  4. Swami Vivekananda Single Girl Fellowship
  5. UGC-PDF for Women
  7. ICSSR
  8. ICMR
  9. CSIR
  10. Kothari Fellowship
  11. Semozhi Fellowship
  12. OBC National Fellowship
  13. National Fellowship for ST
  14. Maulana Azad National Fellowship
  16. Dr. Ambedkar Fellowship

II.    Physical Education Department Tournament permission and advance  

G - Section (G3)
  1. Guest Lecture Series and Workshop permission and advance
  2. Departments National and International Conference and Seminars Permission and advance
  3. Funding agencies for financial assistance for conducting a seminar
  4. Visiting Professors appointment
  5. MoU permission
  6. Journal and books  - Publication
  7. IPR Cell – Patent filling permission and advance
  8. Graduate Registration
  9. University Departments Contingency advance
  10. Enterprise Resource Planning, (ERP) project
  11. Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute (EDII), TN