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About - Centre for Research & Evaluation

Centre for Research and Evaluation has three main functions related to : 

  • Research Scholars & Guides of University Departments and Affiliated Colleges, 
  • Research Scholars & Guides of R & D (Category B) and 
  • Ph.D. Thesis Evaluation Section. 

The Functions of Center for Research and Evaluation include: 

Research Scholars & Guides of University Departments (39) and Affiliated Colleges (134) and Research Institutes (33) : 

Guide Recognition, Admission and registration of Research Scholars, Extension, Special Extension, Re-registration, Nominating Experts for  Doctoral Committee Meetings, Change of Guide, Change of Broad Field, Cancellation of Ph.D. Registration, University Research Fellowships, Issue of  No Due Certificates and transfer certificates.

Research Scholars & Guides of Research and Development Centre (Category B):

Preparing note order for non-active candidates, Planning, scheduling, arranging Doctoral Committee Meeting, Synopsis Submission, Thesis Submission, Special Doctoral Committee Meeting, Preparing Extension Letter, Preparing Re-registration Letter, Course Work Completion Certificate and other works.

Ph.D. Thesis Evaluation Section:

Accepting Synopsis and Panel, Verifying the Panel, Getting Acceptance from Examiner, Receiving the Thesis Application, Sending Thesis to the examiners, Receiving the Evaluation Reports, Filing the Evaluation Reports, Raising the note order for online viva voce, Receiving and Processing the Viva Reports and Issuing the Provisional Certificate and other works.