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Department of Bio-Chemistry Lab - Bharathiar University
Department of Biochemistry Bharathiar University Coimbatore
Department of Biochemistry Bharathiar University Coimbatore
Department of Biochemistry Bharathiar University Coimbatore
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Department of Biochemistry


The Department of Biochemistry was instituted in 2015. Biochemistry is the point where chemistry, biology and medicine meets and it deals with the molecular interactions between various intra and inter cellular compartments of living organisms and diseases.

Biochemistry also contributes to protecting the environment, by combating pollution and designing biocompatible products. The genetic engineering of plants has led to advances in agriculture which include crop improvement and resistance to pest and diseases.

Emphasizing the importance of biochemistry in medicine, it helps in understanding of the cellular and molecular processes involved in both health and disease leading to the development of new treatments. Advances in biochemistry are largely responsible for the breakdown of traditional boundaries between cell biology, medicine, physics and chemistry as their applications become increasingly wide reaching.

Biochemistry provides the foundation of many disciplines, opening up huge potential for future career and placements for the students who successfully completes the degree. It helps in developing the skills needed to investigate both health and disease in biomedical research and hospital laboratory.

The Department is offering M.Sc Biochemistry from 2015 onwards. Apart from P.G programme the department is also offering M.Phil and Ph.D programmes.

Salient Features
  • Enriched Laboratory facility for P.G program
  • Hands on Training on Animal cell culture techniques , Molecular Biology Techniques and Cytogenetic Techniques.
  • Continuous extramural funding of the individual faculty 
  • A good number of publications in high impact factor journals 
  • Students are encouraged to participate in advanced training/seminar/workshops both India and abroad.
Thrust Areas

Major thrust areas of research include

  • Bioengineering and Cancer Nano-Theranostics Laboratory
  • Translational Genomics Research Laboratory 
  • Molecular Physiology Research Laboratory
  • Biomedical and Microbial Research Laboratory

Department of Biochemistry Milestones