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Department of Human Genetics & Molecular Biology Bharathiar University
Department of Human Genetics & Molecular Biology Bharathiar University
Department of Human Genetics & Molecular Biology Bharathiar University
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Department of Human Genetics and Molecular Biology


The Department of Human Genetics and Molecular Biology, is the first Department in this field in Southern India, fertilized in the womb of the Department of Zoology as a unit of Human Molecular Genetics. It grew into an individual Department during June 2014. This Department is established with a sole intention of exploring and treating various genetic diseases in humans. It was initiated to make people understand the basis behind inherited diseases and provide counseling to them to prevent the inherited genetic diseases/disorders. The Department is offering M.Sc., Human Genetics and Molecular Biology since 2014 and M.Phil and Ph.D., since 2015. It was headed first by Dr. M.V. Usharani, former Professor and Head, Department of Environmental Sciences, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. It was started with One Associate Professor and Three Assistant Professors. 
It was then headed by Dr. K. Murugan, Professor and Head, Department of Zoology, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. The Department of Human Genetics and Molecular Biology endowed with high caliber Professors and Assistant Professors, who are doing excellent work in the field of classical cytogenetics, epigenetics, cancer biology, nanobiology and stem cell research in addition to innovative teaching.

The Department of Human Genetics and Molecular Biology is a Basic Science Research department in the School of Life Sciences in Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. This Department is devoted to advancing in the field of genetics and genomics to get a better insight into the human diseases. Our mission is to impart the students and research scholars with a great knowledge about genetics by providing them a sophisticated laboratory and invited lectures from many research scientists from various institutions. We are highly committed in enkindling scientific knowledge, training future scientists and preparing the students to become enigmatic researchers in this field. Our eminent professors are tirelessly exploring various problems in the fields like classical cytogenetics, molecular genetics and cancer biology, nanobiology and stem cell research with grants received from agencies like ICMR, DST, UGC, SERB, NRDMS, RUSA, TNSCST. To make these researches efficient, we have established collaborations with various International institutions and have MoU with many hospitals. We also provide many training programmes for the students from various institutions to help and encourage them in genetic research. We are offering M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D., degrees in Human Genetics and Molecular Biology. We are encouraging our students to explore many unresolved problems and helping them in contacting many experts from across the globe to establish a firm career path. Many of our students have received International travel grants and scholarships from various National and International agencies and presented their work everywhere.  

Salient Features
  • Admirable teaching and Research Environment
  • Equipped laboratory   facilities
  • Excellent and experienced faculties with good number of publications 
  • Revision of the curriculum based on feedback from the subject experts, industry experts and Alumni 
  • Research Scholars and students are encouraged to participate in workshops, training programmes and conferences.
  • Funding’s from national and International agencies 
  • Conducting the scientific meetings such as national and international conferences, seminars and training programmes.
  • Students are allowed to organise and participate in social activities like Diabetes Day, Cancer Day, Autism Day, Down syndrome day and sickle cell awareness camps. 
Thrust Areas
  • Epigenetics, Medical Genetics and Clinical Biochemistry
  • Molecular Genetics, Genetics of Cancer and Neurogenetic disorders
  • Nanomedicine, Genetics of disease and disorder, Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism
  • Human molecular cytogenetics, Stem cell and Neurobiology
  • The Department of Human Genetics and Molecular Biology was a unit of Human Molecular Genetics in Department of Zoology, Bharathiar University.
  • It was grown as an individual Department in the year of June 2014
  • The department was inaugurated by the well-known Geneticists and former Vice-chancellor of Bharathiar University Prof. Dr. K. M. Marimuthu.
  • Faculty requirement was initiated in the year of 2015  
  • M.Phil. and Ph.D. programme was started in the year 2016
  • The Department started functioning in the separate building from 2019 
  • The following laboratories established, Medical Genetic and Epigenetic, Molecular Genetics and Cancer Biology, Biomaterial and Nanomedicine, Human Cytogenetic and Molecular Genetics Laboratories
Roll of Honour

Dr. A. Vijaya Anand, Associate Professor (2015- 2020)

Dr. K. Murugan (2015)

Dr. M.V. Usharani (2014-2015)