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Department of Psychology Bharathiar University
Department of Psychology Bharathiar University
Department of Psychology Bharathiar University
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Department of Psychology


The origin of the Department of Psychology was one of the significant contributions by Padmashree N. D. Sundarvadivelu, the Beacon Light of education in Tamil Nadu and the former Vice-Chancellor of University of Madras. The Department was one of the four Departments started to constitute the Madras University Autonomous Post Graduate Centre, Coimbatore in 1974.

The Bharathiar University was instituted by the Act of Tamil Nadu Assembly in 1982. The Department of Psychology along with other Departments belonging to Madras University Autonomous PG Centre was transferred to the Bharathiar University by the above Act.

Prof. C.R. Paramesh, M.A., M.Litt., Ph.D., Dip in Anthro., was the first Professor and Head of the Department. Professor C.R. Paramesh left the Department to take up assignments in Kansas, USA by 11th September 1976. 

Prof. S. Narayanan, M.A., M.L.., Dip in Stat. Ph. D., assumed charge as Head of the Department of Psychology in 1976 and continued to serve as Head of the Department for more than three decades till his retirement in 2005.

Since then, Prof. V.Ganesan, Prof. S. Subramanian, Prof. A. Velayudhan have served as Heads of the Department. 

At present, the Department is headed by Prof. Dr. Narayanan Annalakshmi.


The Department of Psychology gets constant funding from ICSSR, UGC NCERT and also has a diversity of Post Graduate Students from different parts of the country. The Department frequently organizes seminars, workshops and training programs. 

Roll of Honour
Sl.No Name of the HoD From To
1 Prof. C. R. Paramesh 15.10.1974 10. 02. 1976
2 Prof. S. Narayanan 11. 02.1976 30. 06. 2005
3 Prof. V. Ganesan 01. 07. 2005 30. 06. 2007
4 Prof. S. Subramanian 01. 07. 2007 31.05. 2016
5 Prof. A. Velayudhan 01. 06. 2016 30. 06. 2022 
6 Prof. N. Annalakshmi 01. 07. 2022 Till date