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CRTD Bharathiar University
CRTD Bharathiar University
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CRTD - Directors Message

Welcome to the Centre for Research and Technology Development, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

Innovation needs brilliant minds, brilliant ideas, and a good place to incubate the ideas of brilliant minds. Historically India has been the world leader in innovation and knowledge. I took the responsibility on to my own shoulders and created a vision document for establishing a holistic echo system to promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship at Bharathiar University. The vision includes “To make Bharathiar University an establishment of excellence to serve the requirements of the people through Research and Technology Development” and the mission includes “To transform the research output into technology and its utilization for public advantages”.

The idea of centre includes creating academic courses related to entrepreneurship, academic practices for fostering creativity and innovation amongst our students, establishing a technology development incubator, startup center and broadening the activity by creating a Research and Technology Development. The aim of Centre for Research and Technology Development is to identify and nurture good innovations by way of encouraging them to open startups and provide technical, financial, marketing, and legal support to technology development incubate their ideas.

The alliance between the university and the industry, established through academic as well as sponsored research & consultancy and through collaboration at the national and the international levels, helps in identifying new technologies and widening/ strengthening the knowledge base and in disseminating the research findings. This also helps in infrastructure development through resource generation. Human resource capacity builds by associating the students at the Master's and Doctoral levels in these activities is another positive outcome of such collaborations. Industrial case studies, as part of research & development, provides insights into real world issues and lead to the problem-based learning. Comprehensive understanding of the industrial problems would serve in developing new methods / techniques and would encourage interdisciplinary / multi-disciplinary activities by relating different disciplines of science, arts management, commerce social science and education. Thus, by student interactions through research and consultancy becomes an integral part of the innovation process and both, the university and the investigators are benefited.

At the professional level, the benefits to the faculty include, both establishment of contacts through participation in conferences, workshops, seminars, training and meetings of professional bodies. The Professional Development Fund (PDF) generated through research and consultancy facilitates such as participation also enables the payment of subscriptions to technical journals and professional bodies, and publications of results in national and international high input factor reviewed and refereed journals.

I am confident that the startups, hosted by us, shall perform the best on technological, social, and economical front. I, on the behalf of the entire fraternity of Centre for Research and Technlogy Development, Bharathiar University, cordially invite companies/individuals to come forward and let their innovations convert into commercial products/processes. I sincerely look forward to establishing a fruitful and long standing relationship.


Director - CRTD.