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Maths Department
Department of Maths Bharathiar University
Department of Maths Bharathiar University
Maths Department pongal celebrations
Department of Maths Bharathiar University
Department of Maths Bharathiar University
Maths Department Conference Discussion
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Department of Mathematics



The Department of Mathematics was established in 1978 as the Department of Applied Mathematics in the erstwhile Post Graduate Centre of University of Madras.  Later in 1982 when Bharathiar University was formed by the Government of Tamil Nadu, the Department came under Bharathiar University as the Department of Mathematics.  .

Salient Features

The Department is offering M.Sc. Mathematics programme with a strong motivation to do research in Pure and Applied Mathematics.  It emphasizes the basics in Algebra, Analysis, Topology and in particular Differential Equations and Mechanics.  The Department is also offering the courses Linear Algebra, Optimization Techniques through MATLAB, Transform Techniques etc. to M.Sc., Data Science.

The Department is offering M.Phil research programme which emphasize the importance of research in Applied Mathematics.  The interested M.Phil scholars can continue their Ph.D. programme in the field of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Fluid Dynamics, Magneto Hydro Dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fuzzy Mathematics, Mathematical Biology, Control Systems and Stochastic Differential Equations.

Currently, 25 full time research scholars are actively doing research in various fields of Differential Equations and Mechanics  Their work mainly focus on applications of Mathematics in Science and Engineering.

Thrust Areas
  • Differential Equations  
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Fuzzy Mathematics
  • Mathematical Biology 
  • Neural Networks 
  • Control Systems 
1978     :     Started offering M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes
1988     :     Started offering Post Graduate programme in Mathematics
1992     :     Started getting Library Grant from National Board of Higher Mathematics, Dept. of Atomic Energy
2002     :     Recognized by UGC through its Special Assistance Programme 
2014     :     High Performance Computing facility was established through DST PURSE 
2022     :     Recognized by DST through its FIST Programme
Roll of Honour

1.    Prof. P. Kandaswamy (1978-2008)
2.    Dr. B. S. Kiranagi (1978-1983)   
3.    Prof. D. Somasundaram (1978-1985)
4.    Prof. M. R. Raghavachar (1985-2000)
5.    Prof. S. P. Anjali Devi (1985-2008)
6.    Prof. K. Balachandran (1988-2016)
7.    Prof. E. K. Ramasami (1989-2009)