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Department of English Bharathiar University
Department of English Bharathiar University
Department of English Bharathiar University
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Department of English and Foreign Languages


Since the inception of the Department of English and Foreign Languages in the year of 2007 by Dr.P.Palanivel, Former Head and Professor, the Activities have been foreseen to the intersectionality of English Language and Literature. In the combined pursuit of Language and Literature, the Department has been offering PG, MPhil and Ph.D programs. The Teaching, Learning and Research is centered on aesthetic, linguistic and cognitive potential of the Discipline. Articulating the philosophy of textual,visual and human interaction, the Department synthesizes the non-literary, symbolic, digital and media-driven attributes of English Language and Literary Studies in teaching, policy and research.In the core of programs, we attempt an amalgamation from literary readings and language instruction, to the adoption of psychology, educational technologies and media culture. Headed by Former Professor, Dr.R.Saravanaselvan from July 2013 to March 2020, the Department is currently headed by Dr.P.Nagaraj, the Associate Professor. 

Being alive in an era, where the knowledge system of the world expands exponentially, we are pessimist to the notion of singular specialization; hence the ‘exposure to diversity’ will be a centripetal force in the pursuit of our mission.We believe that real research takes place beyond the classroom walls and textbook pages; thus, encouraging field studies and travel documentation. The research fields introduced by the Department is a primary reflection of the mission to global literacy. The research areas in the Department go on from studies in cognitive literature, historiography, visual arts, gender & sexuality, culture & society, educational technology, digital humanities and critical pedagogy. The Department has started MOOC courses titled ‘Introduction to Cognitive Literary Studies’ and ‘Introduction to the Basics of Linguistics’. The academic endeavors of the Department have been recognized and supported by ICSSR in terms of fellowships for research scholars and minor funding for conducting Seminars and Conferences. 

The Department faculty comprises seven members. The Head of the Department is an Associate Professor and there are six Assistant Professors. The faculty specialization is from diverse areas of Language and Literary Studies including ELT,ICT, Indian Writing in English, Creative Writing, Cognitive Studies, Digital Humanities, World Literature, Academic Writing and Soft Skills. 

The Department offers PG, MPhil and PhD programs. The intake strength is 40 students for PG; 2 Mphil and 6 PhD Scholars under Associate Professor,1 MPhil Scholar and 4 PhD Scholars under each Assistant Professor. There are also programs in MOOC, Diploma Courses and Foreign Language Training in French and German to help students engage in dynamic learning and skill development. 

Teachers and learners of Literature are creative explorers studying the society through research in Humanities and Social sciences. The academic pursuit of the learners, since the Postgraduate days are, thus, research-oriented. The students are trained in research skills and methodology,culminating in their dissertations during the last semester of Post-graduation. We assure that each student is given the best opportunity to flourish intellectually and creatively in the Department. The students are offered Certificate Courses in French and German; and free coaching in NET/SET/JRF. The Department has a record of 67 NET holders, 21 SET holders and 3 JRFs till date. The Department also has Industry collaboration with INFOSYS and TCS to enhance the soft skills of the learners, enabling them to be prepared for alluring employment opportunities in diverse fields such as teaching, training, copyediting and content writing 

The Department provides a University Research Fellowshipfor a scholar of each guide and has special provisions for the visually challenged students and scholars. We take delight in the higher proportion of female students and scholars being present in the department, and have scholarship schemes like Indira Gandhi Single Girl Child Scholarship, Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship,  Maulana Azad National Fellowship, etc. to encourage them.

We have an active placement cell, with100% placement record every year to prestigious institutions like The Indian Public School, Kumutha Matriculation High School , The Covai Post,  Tata Consultancy Services,Sri Krishna Aditya College of Arts and Science, Kongunadu Arts & Science College, Rathinam College of Arts and Science, etc. 

Recently, under the able leadership of Dr.P.Nagaraj, the Associate Professor and Head, the Department has launched six academic and research centers for the students and scholars, named,Centre for Social Action and Research; Centre for Electronic Archives and Industry Support; Centre for Literary, Cultural Studies and Collaboration; Centre for Skill Orientation and Placement; Centre for Foreign Languages; and the Centre for Academic writing and Social Processes.The Centres have also initiated a Department journal titled, DECODE and a handwritten magazine titled Thoolika. 

The Department has also collaborated with TANSCHE’s text-book preparation committee and has framed the Professional English Course book of Physical Sciences for Undergraduates in Semester I & II. With regard to the course book preparation, the department has also organized a training program for the Faculty Members of Universities and Colleges of Tamil Nadu. 

The Department is approved with a major RUSA BCTRC project by the MHRD, with a sanctioned amount of Rs. 19.64 lakhs, titled “Identifying and Documenting Indigenous Medicinal Practices of Tribal and Rural People of Nilgiris, Coimbatore, Erode, Tirupur Districts and translating the same into English”. MHRD has provided funding for the department as well as individual faculty. 

Apart from the literary and communicative yardsticks, we are also perpetuated to the social practice of communication. With the conviction, ‘Language empowers people’, our Researchers call for a perception shift to English language interventions that disrupts the oppressive system and inequity of the society. The Doctoral research studies are turning out to be Ethnographic, Empirical and Action- oriented research, using language and literature to uplift, empower and transform the vulnerable cross-section of the society. The target concentration include various Tribal communities, Transgender groups, Juvenile students, Foster care learners, Gypsy learners, to the learners of special needs as Dyslexia, Autistic Syndrome and Cancer.