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Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Bharathiar University
Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Bharathiar University
Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Bharathiar University
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Department of Electronics & Instrumentation - Programmes Offered

M.Sc. Electronics and Instrumentation


1.A Pass in B.Sc. Electronics / Industrial Electronics / Electronic Science / Electronics and Communication Systems / Physics / B.Sc. Hons / B.Sc. Electrical Equipment Maintenance, Instrumentation / B.E.S. or Equivalent Degree from Foreign University.

2.A Pass in Triple Major (Maths, Physics & Electronics) or (Maths, Electronics & Computer Science).

3.A Pass in B.Sc. Electronics with Computer Hardware, Technology or Applied Science, B.Sc. Computer Technology, B.E. with ECE, EEE. EIE, and A.M.I.E. in respective branches is also eligible for joining the above said courses.

Duration: 2 Years

Strength: 30

M.Phil. / Ph.D.,

MPhil in Electronics and Instrumentation

It is offered by the department as on year full time programme and the students acquire research skills and gain relevant experience at the initial level of research and the student get an opportunity to carry out the focused research in the specific discipline under the supervisor. Further the programme mould the students to learn research ethics, research methods and to do literature survey. The candidate has to complete the three papers including one special paper.

  • Part I Recent trends in Research Methodology
  • Part II Recent trends in Electronics and Instrumentation
  • Part III Any one special paper (broad field)

After the written examination on theory papers, the student has to submit a dissertation of the original research work done which will be evaluated by an external examiner and the candidate has to defend the research work in the public viva-voce examination.

The outcome of this research programme is to get the clear picture on research to the beginners those want to carry out higher studies, to understand the research techniques and methodologies that the student used to handle them and solve them independently under the supervisor. The course could act as a bridging platform to the students for their bright future.


The duration of the doctoral programme is minimum period of two years after the completion of M.Phil and three year after completion of the M.Sc. The main objective is to provide concrete background, methodology and advanced scientific research to the doctoral candidate.

The programme usually carried out with international collaboration with reputed research centers, there by the students are allowed to gain advanced scientific technologies so that it is easy for them to transfer the knowledge to industry.

The students used to develop independent scientific research for critical analysis. The quality of the research work carried out by the scholar is reflected and evaluated by means publications in the reputed journal with good impact factor, so that the candidate fulfil the current need of the employer. 

Prior to the research work the candidate has to complete the course work. The research progress has been evaluated by the doctoral committee consist of the supervisor, head of the department and external examiner nominated by the vice-chancellor.  After the conduct of the two Doctoral committee meeting, the candidate shall submit the synopsis.

It is mandatory that the candidate must have published his/her research finding at least one peer reviewed journal with impact factor of web of science standard. After the submission of synopsis, the candidate should submit the thesis within months. The thesis will be evaluated by an eternal examiner in the national level and another examiner in the international level. After the coordination of the report, the students should defend the thesis in the public viva-voce examination and then the candidate shall be awarded Ph.D in Electronics and Instrumentation.