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Confocal Microscope
Genetic Analyzer
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (400 MHz)
Central Instrumentation Centre Building
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Central Instrumentation Centre

The central instrumentation centre is functioning in the recently constructed state-of-the-art  building with two floors with an approximate area of 36000 sq. ft. The major and common  research facilities are/ will be housed which will cater to the research needs of researchers of Bharathiar University and affiliated institutions and other researchers across the country.

Presently the major equipment facilities procured through DST-PURSE (Phase-II) grants are being housed at Central Instrumentation Centre.

The following facilities are established at this centre and available for research use.

  1. Multiprobe Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (400 MHz)
  2. Genetic analyzer 8 capillary – Sanger DNA Sequencer
  3. Laser scanning advanced confocal microscope multiphoton.
  4. Liquid Chromatograph – MS – MS
  5. HR – Transmission Electron Microscope (200 kV)

Upcoming Facilities

  1. GC – MS
  2. Vibrating Sample Magnetometer
  3. Animal Tissue Culture Facility
  4. Photo Bioreactor
  5. Air Quality Monitoring System

The available facilities are mapped in the portal of the “Indian Science Technology and Engineering Facilities Map (I-STEM): The I-Stem facilitates web access to the scientific community with available resources in various organizations across the country in a transparent and systematic manner.

The coordinator central instrumentation centre, as an Institution representative for I-Stem activities of Bharathiar University, will update and maintain the institution profile, registration of Equipment, Updation of equipment information, Equipment User Fee, Equipment Calendar, Customize Service Request form, and create other Department Representative, Facility Coordinator, etc. in the I-Stem Portal.

With the support of grants under DST-PURSE (Phase-II), three events were organized at CIC.

  1. Two days of Hands-on training for experimental liquid state NMR
  2. Two days Hands-on Training Program on DNA Sequencing Facility
  3. Awareness of I-STEM portal for Use of the R & D resources
  4. Workshop on Laser Scanning Advanced Confocal Microscopy
  5. Interaction Meeting with Prof. T. Ramasami, Former Secretary, DST
  6. Monthly Demonstration of I-STEM portal and I-STEM activities

The users can book the facilities through